Aqua Car Park

Level M, Fitness First & Sunshine Car Wash 

Entrance on Muriel St

Nearest stores Fitness First

Blue Car Park

L1 M, Coles, Kmart & Myer 

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Coles, Kmart, Myer

Blue Car Park

L1 M, Woolworths / Aldi Car Park 

Entrance on Albert St

Nearest stores Woolworths, ALDI, Tong Li Supermarket

Green Car Park

L3 M, Target, David Jones, JB-Hifi

Entrance on Pacific Hwy

Nearest stores Target, David Jones, JB Hi-Fi

Orange Car Park

L2 M, Nrma, Ramp To Aldi

Entrance on Albert St

Nearest stores NRMA, ALDI, Target

Orange Car Park

L2 M, Myer / Dinning & Cinema 

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Myer, Jetts Fitness

Purple Car Park

L1, Coles, Kmart

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Coles, Kmart, Myer

Purple Car Park

L1, Woolworths Car Park

Entrance on Edgeworth David Avenue

Nearest stores Woolworths, Dan Murphy's

Red Car Park

L3, Myer, Foodcourt 

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Myer

Rooftop Grey Car Park

L4, Commuter & Staff Parking 

Entrance on Pacific Hwy

Nearest stores David Jones

Rooftop Grey Car Park (Level 4)

Staff Parking 

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Myer, Event Cinemas

Yellow Car Park

L2, Aldi 

Entrance on Albert St

Nearest stores ALDI, Tong Li Supermarket

Yellow Car Park

Entrance on Burdett St

Nearest stores Myer, Australia Post

Parking rates



0.0 - 3.0Free
3.0 - 3.5$4
3.5 - 4.0$6
4.0 - 4.5$7
4.5 - 5.0$10
5.0 - 5.5$15
5.5 - 6.0$25
6.0 - 6.5$35
6.5 - 7.0$45
7.0 +$50

Maximum daily charge $50
3 hours free parking once per day per vehicle
Free entry after 6pm
Lost tickets incur the maximum daily charge
Free parking with presentation of disabled permit at the concierge desks

Carpark Opening Hours

Albert Street: 5am - Midnight
please note once the carpark closes vehicles will not be able to exit or enter

Burdett Street: Open 24 hours

Find the best parking for you

Parking at Westfield Hornsby is free for the first three hours and can be accessed accessed easily from Burdett Street, Albert Street and Muriel Street. There are over 3,000 car parking spaces - we offer secure undercover parking. We also offer complimentary parking from 6pm daily with the exclusion of public holidays and December. If you hold a Mobility Parking Permit, you are welcome to enjoy complimentary parking, for ticket validation please visit the customer service suite on level 1 or concierge prior to exiting the carpark.

Parking tips

Plan your trip in advance for a swift journey, click on the hyperlinks to see the Google Maps location. Parking can fill up very quickly so it's best to be prepared. Our parking is colour coded to help you to remember where you parked.

Commuter Parking

During the development of the Hornsby station commuter parking, in partnership with TFNSW, Westfield Hornsby will provide free parking within our existing ‘Park & Ride’ area for members of the community using public transport. This has replaced our previous 'Park & Ride' service. Please see conditions of Commuter Parking below:

  • Available Monday – Friday, 5:00am – 10:00pm (Excludes December and Public Holidays)
  • The same method of ticket validation is used in the designated area, you are required to keep your ticket
  • Once capacity is reached in designated area, regular Westfield Parking rates apply
  • For further information please visit the TFNSW website or call Concierge

Drop off points

Convenient drop off points are located at the Taxi ranks at the Customer Service Suite level 1, enter via Albert St or Burdett St near Coles.

Hornsby Hospital Staff Parking

Hornsby Hospital staff holding a valid permit will be able to park on the upper level of Burdett Street Carpark from 25/06/2018 – 31/01/2019 while Hornsby Hospital carpark undergoes an upgrade.

A shuttle bus will run from the Hunter Street cul-de-sac, opposite the Hornsby inn, during key shift times between 7:30am and 10:30pm Monday to Sunday. This is only for staff of Hornsby Hospital and not for patients or visitors.

Please contact Hornsby Hospital for more details.

Hornsby Concierge

Tue 22nd Jan


Wed 23rd Jan


Thu 24th Jan


Fri 25th Jan


Sat 26th Jan


Sun 27th Jan


02 9477 5111

236 Pacific Highway

Hornsby NSW 2077

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