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Looking for the perfect gift?

Get it right with a Westfield Digital Gift Card. Sent via email and stored in your recipient's digital wallet, the Digital Gift Card can be spent anywhere Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted.

Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Sent via email

Free delivery

Arrives in minutes or schedule for a future date

Spend anywhere Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted, in-store and online

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Gift Cards

This is a physical gift card

Send via post

Delivery from $2.95 Australia wide

Arrives within 10 business days

Spend at participating stores in Australia with eftpos facilities, both within and outside Westfield centres

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Corporate Gift cards

Looking to place a corporate order?

Whether it’s rewarding your employees or thanking your clients, get it right with a Westfield Gift Card. Register your company online for easy management and discounts for bulk purchases.