Visiting with kids

Parents' rooms

Parents rooms can be found by Rockmans, Woolworths, Country Road, City Beach and Dining Hub restrooms. Each room has a private feeding cubicle, large changing bench, microwave and sink, as well as an adult and child-size toilet.


Take a break and let your little ones be entertained in our kids' activity area. All children are welcome and entry is free, however, children must be supervised at all times.

You'll find our Playworld in the Target mall, opposite Ally Fashion open during centre hours.

Blue blocks

Kick back and enjoy a coffee or a quick bite while the kids let their imaginations run wild, with interactive building blocks.

Discover our blue blocks imaginative playspace in the Food Court, near Rebel during centre hours.

Parents with prams parking

We provide designated parents with prams parking spaces to give parents enough room to get in and out of the centre comfortably.

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