Visiting with kids

Parents' rooms

Each room has a private feeding cubicle, large changing bench, microwave and sink, as well as an adult and child-size toilet.

Parents' rooms are located located on Ground floor next to H&M, Ground floor Woolworths Fresh Food Marketplace behind The Natural Butcher & on Level 1 Arena Cove Food Court.

Free kids play

Westfield Warringah Mall offers three kids play spaces which are available for children to use when visiting the Mall. Visit our new pirate themed kids play land on ground level near Coles. Altenatively bring the kids, along with a picnic for the open spaces and submerge their senses with the sounds of the ocean and light up pebbles. Kids can climb, hide and spin in the handcrafted equipment located on Ground level near Three Beans Cafe. Westfield Warringah Mall also offers a soft play area temporarily located on Ground Level close to STA Travel. Children must be supervised while using the play equipment.

Parents with prams parking

We provide designated parents with prams parking spaces to give parents enough room to get in and out of the centre comfortably.

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