Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko, one of the very few fully integrated watch manufacturers in the world, possesses a mastery over the breadth of the watchmaking process from the research and development of the component materials to manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection and shipment.

Grand Seiko defines the essence of watchmaking in the elements of precision, beauty, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. As a world-leading manufacture, Grand Seiko embodies that very essence in the unrivalled quality in every Grand Seiko watch presented in the world.

The Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio produces world-class mechanical watches with highly accurate movements and exquisite exterior design. The Shinshu Watch Studio drives innovative and novel technologies behind the ultimate quartz watches and Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive watches.

Each of these pre-eminent watch studios plays a pivotal role in combining the cutting-edge technology and masterful craftsmanship necessary to reach the pinnacle of quality represented by Grand Seiko.

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