Laksa King

When it comes to Malaysian cuisine, Laksa King is the best!

Laksa King focuses on producing authentic Malaysian flavours, made fresh with high quality ingredients. Most of their dishes are based on authentic Malaysian recipes which were originally created in Laksa King’s first site in Flemington.

Their signature dish, laksa, is a popular spicy noodle soup dish which is a combination of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. With a combination of noodles, and a rich coconut milk-based broth, curry laksa is what they're famous for and why they're proud to call themselves, the King of Laksa.

They continue to bring out new and exciting dishes forging authenticity while challenging the boundaries of Malaysian fusion cuisine.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy authentic Malaysian food.

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Level 2

Near Village Cinemas

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Car park off Nepean Highway, level 2, P2 orange