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Visiting with kids

Child Minding

Mumma's Little Secret revolutionise the shopping experience for both parents and children. They prodide parents with a worry-free, child-free shopping experience. While parents enjoy a bit of me time and run errands, children are safe, enjoying fun activities in a supervised area.

  • Level 3, near Athlete's Foot

Parents Rooms

Westfield Miranda offers a number of parents rooms, conveniently located around the centre.

  • Level 1, near Rubyniks Cafe
  • Level 1, near Aldi
  • Level 2, near Big W
  • Level 3, near Kmart
  • Level 4, near Rooftop Restaurants

All rooms have private feeding cubicles, large changing benches, microwaves and sinks, as well as both an adult size and child size toilet.

Play Areas

In addition to parents rooms, Westfield Miranda also has safe play areas for children to have fun while parents supervise.

  • Level 1, near Rubyniks Cafe
  • Level 3, near Kmart

Miranda Concierge

02 9525 6344

600 Kingsway

Miranda NSW 2228

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