Valet parking

Short on time? We always aim to make your visit as easy as possible - we'll even park the car for you.

At only $10 all day, Valet Parking is the ultimate shopping indulgence at an affordable price. No parking fees to pay!

Our Valet service offers a range of benefits to make your life easy;

  • Shop and drop
  • Complimentary water
  • Carwash service (see Magic Carwash services here)
  • Loyalty program – every 6th visit is free

Plus much more. For information on all services available please contact us on 07 3120 5415

There are 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Enter car park via Millennium Blvd. Level B2 entry.
  2. Hand your keys to one of our friendly Valet Attendants and they will give you a retrieval passport.
  3. Return to the Valet Parking Lounge once you have finished shopping and they will retrieve your car for you.

October Valet Exclusive Offers:
This month park with Valet and receive a $50 Sacha Drake voucher and two microdermabrasion facials for $99 at Ella Baché.

Trading hours
Valet operates within usual centre hours. Click here to view centre trading hours.

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