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Visiting with kids

Parents' rooms

Each room has a private feeding cubicle, large changing bench, microwave and sink, as well as an adult and child-size toilet.

Parents' rooms are located on:

  • Level 3 near Zara
  • Level 4 near the Cinemas
  • Level 5 near the Food Court

Jungle Play

Located on Level 2 near Best & Less, Jungle Play is an immersive and sustainable space that will get the kids playing, while you recharge and relax.

Jungle Play is a sensory wonderland for children aged 2-5 years and creates experiences which are inclusive and active, encouraging their imagination and developing motor skills through play.

Anchored in activity, kids can climb, crawl and slide in the Combination Adventure Structure or be immersed by our custom sensory range including the Magic Talk Tubes which activate animated illumination based on voice, the Sensory Wall allows children to use imagination and colour to activate the light sequences with its 48 stones and our Igloo Cubbies which create the perfect and contained space layered nature sounds and relaxation and lastly to develop those motor skills with the Cog Box and Abacus sculpture.

The space was designed with a holistic approach, parents and carers are provided the opportunity to engage with their children in the space with extensive internal seating options as well as device charging and backrests integrated into the external seating to support retailers and shoppers.

Using over 1 tonne of diverted landfill waste and made from over 80% recycled material, Jungle Play was not only created with our planet in mind but your little ones.

The ultimate pit stop on your shopping journey, be sure to bring the kids by to enjoy!


Take a break and let your little ones be entertained in our kids' play areas. All children are welcome and entry is free, however, children must be supervised at all times. Playworld is open to use during centre hours. You'll find our Playworld on Level 4 near the Cinemas.

Parents with prams parking

We provide designated parents with prams parking spaces to give parents enough room to get in and out of the centre comfortably.

Find the best parents with prams parking for your next family visit via Marsden Street, Level 3, blue car park.

Parramatta Concierge

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