Bruce Campbell: Hornsby Woodworking Men's Shed


Bruce Campbell: Hornsby Woodworking Men's Shed

Bruce’s wooden toy venture is anything but child’s play

Bruce Campbell’s most memorable experience in his many years at the local men’s woodworking Shed was being asked by the Children’s Hospital in Westmead to make special furniture for disabled children to use.

“It was challenging and involved some of our best woodworkers. The feedback we had from the hospital staff and their little patients was certainly a highlight for us,” he says.

Bruce has had an interest in woodwork and repairing things since his early school days. But it wasn’t until he retired that he took on the hobby in a more serious way.

He has had a leading role at the Hornsby Woodworking Men’s Shed from its beginning nearly 17 years ago when it was the Triton Woodworking Group.

Bruce is best known for his work with the toymaking team, which produces about 400 toys for distribution to charities every Christmas.

The toymaking started as a way to hone his woodworking skills, but he and his dedicated band of men have taken it to an expert level.

Bruce is known as a friendly mentor for new members of the shed. Many have had little woodworking experience, and he patiently shows them how it’s done, boosting their confidence as they develop new skills.

Together, the 150 men turn their skills to whatever is needed.

It could be possum boxes, toys or street library boxes for the local council.

Bruce is pleased to have been voted a Westfield Local Hero. But he says there are 30 or so active members of the Shed who work just as hard as him.

“It’s a humbling experience really. After all, I am only doing stuff that I enjoy,” he says.

The Shed will use its $10,000 Westfield grant to buy much-needed tools, machinery and hardware for upcoming projects.

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