Mastering the art of pavlova decoration


Mastering the art of pavlova decoration

The iconic pav is one of those desserts that relies heavily on an impressive array of colour and texture piled atop its crisp base. While crafting the perfect meringue is a skill in itself, how you decorate your pavlova is make-or-break.

Head to Woolworths or Coles to gather your ingredients for your pavlova or purchase a pre-made meringue.

Try one of these easy pavlova toppings for Christmas – there's something to inspire everyone, from the traditionalist to the avant-garde bakers.

Mango, passionfruit, blackberries and mint

For a modern take on a traditional fruit topping, try summer's star fruit - the mango. The refreshing hit of mint gives this combination a contemporary feel.

After applying cream to the meringue base, layer sliced mango and blackberries, then add passionfruit pulp and finish it off with a few sprigs of mint. Don't be afraid to create chunky texture by propping up some of the mango slices so the toppings don't lay too flat.

Hazelnut spread and strawberries

This decadent topping option is a total crowd-pleaser, especially with finicky kids. After applying a layer of cream to your meringue base, use a spatula to drip and drizzle thick streams of hazelnut spread over the cream. Feel free to be messy – no one will complain if the spread oozes down the sides of the meringue. Finish with halved strawberries and a sifting of icing sugar to show you know your stuff.

Raspberries and cherries

Simple and elegant, this berry combo is the easiest to master. After the cream layer, arranging the cherries upright (stalks pointing up). This adds a proud height to the pav and makes a real statement. Place the raspberries in between the cherries and finish with a dusting of icing sugar.

Purchase all of your fresh food for your toppings from Fresh Sensations, and let the decorating begin! If you need a cake stand as impressive as your toppings to serve your pavlova on, head to Bed Bath N Table and the experts will sort that out for you.

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