Sunglass Culture: Quay X DESI PERKINS


Sunglass Culture: Quay X DESI PERKINS

Sunglass Culture, Level 1

Sunglass Culture have done it again - they've partnered with another incredible celebrity to bring out a new line of designer frames and this time they are the perfect combination of seasonally stylish yet minimalistic and natural.

Welcome the new QUAY X DESI collection

The collaboration between Quay and Desi Perkins delivers chic iconic styles in a range of sunglasses, prescription-friendly frames and blue light filtering lenses. Now you're not only making a fashion statement with these beauties, you'll be filtering out those harmful rays from the sun, smart phones and computer screens so your eyes will love you too!

Try them for yourself - the full range is in store now.

Find Sunglass Culture on Level 1 by Myer.

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