The top 10 Boost smoothies - can you guess number 1?


The top 10 Boost smoothies - can you guess number 1?

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"This delicious creation tastes like a mix between a health smoothie and a creamy iced coffee."

Everyone knows their order at Boost Juice, but if you’re planning on branching out, here are 10 delicious smoothies that should be on your radar.

10. Strawberry Squeeze

First up is an old favourite – the strawberry squeeze. Made up of strawberries, strawberry yoghurt, banana, apple juice and ice, this smoothie is so reminiscent of our childhood lunchboxes. Perfect for kids, or any adult wanting to take a trip down memory lane, this smoothie gets a solid 7/10.

9. Energy Lift

In need of a mid-morning pick-me-up? Check out the Energy Lift smoothie, featuring tropical juice, mango, mango juice, banana and Boost’s special energy boosting supplement. Not only does this smoothie taste great, it contains enough caffeine to get us through even the slowest of days.

8. Coffee Dream

Speaking of caffeine, have you tried the coffee dream smoothie yet? This delicious creation tastes like a mix between a health smoothie and a creamy iced coffee, and we absolutely love it. Containing coffee, vanilla yoghurt, low fat milk, chocolate and sorbet, this smoothie is the cheat day treat you need in your life.

7. Pure Eden

If you’ve overdone it on the takeaway recently, this smoothie is your cure. Packed with the green goodness of spinach, kale, cucumber and mint, Pure Eden is the ultimate detox. But with the sweetness of pineapple, banana, grapes and coconut water, this smoothie tastes amazing too.

6. King William Chocolate

King William Chocolate is a long-time favourite, and probably everyone’s first ever Boost Smoothie. A mixture of chocolate, banana, low fat milk, yoghurt and ice, this smoothie will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

5. Lemon Crush

The perfect Summer refreshment? Definitely Boost’s lemon crush. Featuring freshly squeezed lemon, fresh orange, sorbet and ice, this smoothie is zesty, simple and downright delicious. While the watermelon crush and berry crush are close contenders, the lemon crush is by far the best.

4. Green Tea Mango Mantra

Striking the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, is the Green Tea Mango Mantra. A blend of mango nectar, green tea, vanilla yoghurt, mango, sorbet and Boost’s immunity booster supplement, this smoothie is a treat to your body and your tastebuds. We give it a very respectable 9/10 on the deliciousness scale.

3. Brekkie to Go Go

Another classic Boost favourite is the Brekkie to Go Go. With banana, honey, muesli, vanilla yoghurt, low fat milk and Boost’s energy booster supplement, this smoothie outshines any bowl of cereal as a healthy and uplifting breakfast.

2. Weekend Warrior

For any health junkie who loves to get their daily protein fix, we present to you, the Weekend Warrior. Containing whey protein, chia seeds, oats, blueberries, banana, coconut water and dates, this smoothie uses the natural sweetness of nourishing fruits to give it its signature taste. Believe it or not, an original size contains over 20g of protein, and it still manages to taste amazing. God bless you, Boost Juice.

1. Mango Magic

If you’ve read all the way to number one and you didn’t expect to see Mango Magic take out the top spot, drop what you’re doing, head to Boost and order yourself one of these sacred smoothies. With the goodness of mango nectar, banana, vanilla yoghurt, ice and a tonne of fresh, juicy mango, Mango Magic is Boost’s ultimate smoothie.

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