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T2: Powdered tea lattes

T2, Level 1

Matcha - the super turbo energising tea! Stay energised for longer with slow releasing energy from the combined efforts of caffeine and L-theanine. The slow energy release helps maintain a smooth level of energy, there's no jitters with matcha!

Happy Chai is that spicey cuddle in a cup without any nasties. Simply pour out the contents into a cup, add warm milk and you have a richly satisfying yet grounded treat.

Wind down from the day with a Strawberry Sleep latte. A tea designed to get you to sleep by serenading your sense. Imagine a rose-tinted night-time treat before bedtime that's designed to soothe, settle and relax. Try it now!

Our powdered teas taste best with warm oat or almond milk.


Located in the Northern Mall near Woolworths

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