How to transform your kids bedrooms into winter sanctuaries


How to transform your kids bedrooms into winter sanctuaries

As winter sets in with its fresh nights, it’s time to get prepared for hours of cosy fun at home. We have asked our resident mum blogger Patchwork Cactus, to give us some tips on turning your kids’ rooms into a snug, winter haven.

Floor coverings

One of the best things you can do to make a room feel softer for winter is to add a plush floor rug. Smaller kids love to play on the ground, and a beautiful thick rug will make the whole experience warmer, and softer. And no matter the age of your child, a rug can also make a big difference when it comes to insulating the room and keeping the heat in.

Flannelette sheets

It’s such an old fashioned idea, but flannelette sheets do make a huge difference when it comes to the bed-coziness-factor. So many shops are doing modern and fashionable takes on the classic favourite, and we are here for it! Especially for smaller kids, a flannelette top sheet makes the blanket less likely to slide off during the night as it has a more clingy texture than cotton. And once tucked in? The coziness factor is through the roof!

Felt and woollen decorator accents

It’s incredible how simple decorative items can change a room to suit the season. Woollen wall weavings are perfect for a Winter make-over, and they are easy to find in-store right now. Try a felt letter board, a woven wall hanging or felt storage boxes for a fun, textures, and wintery vibe.

Woollen throw rugs

Adding a woollen throw onto a bed is the quickest and most effective way to achieve a Winter aesthetic, but it also provides a nice layer of weight at night. For book worms, it’s perfect for snuggling under during the day – the can stay warm without unmaking the bed – and for smaller children, it can inspire lots of Winter games, from tent making to soft-toy-nest-creation.

Plush novelty pillows

A great kids alternative to throw pillows (which are fantastic to give a room a Wintery vibe – but can be less than child-friendly) are novelty plush pillows. They are fun, great to snuggle and offer an extra layer of texture to the room, perfect for when you want to up the cozy factor of your child’s room, but they are too big for soft toys. That space in time between soft toys and boring throws is way too short in my opinion, so pillows shaped like burgers should be embraced whenever possible.

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