Did you know you can Float at Carousel?


Did you know you can Float at Carousel?

Did you know you can Float at Carousel?

What is Floating?

Floating is the scientifically proven process of relaxing and re-setting the brain and body. It sounds crazy complicated, but it’s not. All you do is Float effortlessly in a pod filled with over 700kg of magnesium dissolved in water, whilst your body absorbs the amazingly beneficial magnesium.
Floating is most commonly practiced to relieve stress and assist with pain and injury management, but boasts a multitude of proven benefits.

Why Float?

Floating has a range of health benefits, including:
• Speed healing and recovery from physical activity and injury
• Relieve pain from injury and illness (arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc)
• Relieve pregnancy body aches and pains (not recommended during 1st trimester)
• Reduce stress and stress related pain and illness
• Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
• Instil relaxation and meditation, improving overall wellbeing and mindfulness
• Aid PTSD recovery and healing of traumatic brain injury
• Help eliminate addictive behaviour, including cigarettes, substances and food (assisting with weight loss)
• Improve insomnia and sleep, as well as speed recovery from jet lag and exhaustion
• Relax muscles and joints, improving athletic performance
• Increase energy levels
• Induce clarity and creativity, enhancing memorisation, learning and expression
• Lower cortisol levels (stress hormones), lowering blood pressure
• Cleanse the body of toxins
• Increase endorphin levels, decreasing pain and improving mood
• Improve digestion and metabolism, aiding weight loss
• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve skin and hair health
• Restore sulphate levels, aiding autism, brain tissue formation and joint protein formation
• Increase magnesium levels, lessening migraines and headaches improving PMS, facilitating calcium absorption, preventing asthma, diabetes, heart attack and stroke

1 Hour of Floating = 8 hours of sleep!

In terms of benefits and healing for your body, 1 hour of floating is the equivalent of 8 hours sleeping! What are you waiting for? Book Now! (08) 9356 5122.

Why Float & Restore?

We have the biggest Float pods in Perth! Our pods are just over 1.3m high and 2.6m long, so any concerns of claustrophobia can be allayed.
In addition to Floating, we offer Sauna & Massage services. These can be used to complement the benefits of Floating or enjoyed on their own.

Our massage therapists are qualified and experienced, and we have HICAPS so that you only pay the GAP for your remedial massage!

Float & Restore; helping you relax, restore and rejuvenate.

Float & Restore

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