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Rodd & Gunn

At Rodd & Gunn, we’re a proud Kiwi brand and we don’t just create high-quality menswear and accessories.

We are slowly creating a new mentality. We’re redefining what it means to live a quality life. We’re opposing an all-consuming lifestyle in favour of something that is outwardly simpler, but inwardly richer. As a company, we’re guided by our seek less, find more, ethos. It’s our north star. It informs how we design sustainable, low-impact garments, how we hire talent, and how we interact with you, our valued customers.

Aotearoa is Rodd & Gunn’s spiritual home, and we’re deeply connected to its untamed beauty and rich culture. Our collections are inspired by the raw, pure forms of nature found in our home country - the ancient mountains, glacial lakes, endless plains, and windswept high country.

Visit Rodd & Gunn at Bondi Junction

Level 4, Rodd and Gunn is located near Myer
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R1 Aqua Rooftop, Hollywood

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Level 4

Rodd and Gunn is located near Myer

Ground Level

Located near David Jones

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