Blue car park

Entrance on Benjamin Way/Cohen Street

Nearest stores Myer, Australia Post- Level 2, Just Cuts™

Blue car park

Entrance on Benjamin Way

Blue car park

Entrance on Benjamin Way/Cohen Street

Nearest stores Myer, Beyond Bank Australia, ANZ

Green car park

Entrance on Cohen Street/Joynton Smith Drive

Red car park

Entrance on Benjamin Way

Red car park

Entrance on Benjamin Way/Emu Bank Drive

Nearest stores Kmart Tyre & Auto, Autograph

Yellow car park

Yellow car park

Entrance on Emu Bank Drive/Joynton Smith Drive

Nearest stores Amcal, Dan Murphy's, Healthy Life

Ticketless parking

Ticketless Parking is an advanced parking system that uses licence plate recognition technology to replace paper tickets.

At Westfield Belconnen, there is no ticket or gate on entry to the centre's carparks. If you stay under two hours, simply proceed to the exit where your licence plate will be recognised and the boom gate will lift automatically.

If you stay over 2 hours and register for Ticketless Parking the boom gate will automatically open upon exit, any parking fees will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card, easy! you are able to update your vehicle or credit card details at any time.

If you are not registered for Ticketless Parking and you stay over 2 hours, you can pay at any of the pay stations near the centre entrances.

Find the best parking for you

Fresh Food: Entry off Emu Bank, level 2 yellow car park enter near Aldi
Cinemas: Entry off Benjamin Way, level 3 red car park enter near Fernwood Fitness
Myer: Entry off Benjamin Way, level 1 blue car park direct access to Myer
Disability: Westfield Belconnen offers mulitple disability parking spots accross all car parks
Pram parking: Fresh food entry off Emu Bank Drive/ Joynton Smith Drive

Parking rates

Westfield Belconnen offers 2 Hours FREE parking everyday.


Monday - Sunday



2 - 3$3
3 - 4$6
4 - 5$9
5 - 6$15
6 - 7$25

Remember your licence plate number

This will help you to check your entry time at any point during your trip at pay stations and at digital centre directories, and to pay any fees outstanding at pay stations.

Check your entry time

Not sure how long you've been shopping for? No stress!

You can check what time you entered the car park by typing your licence plate into any of the pay stations near the centre entrances or into the touchscreen directories in centre.

Cinema parking

If you see a movie before 6pm, visit a pay station with the cinema validation barcode located on either your printed or digital ticket from Hoyts to validate for an additional two hours free parking on top before you exit. Please note, once this additional 2 hours has been exceeded you will be charged from the time of entry into the carpark.

An important note for those accessing their movie ticket via the Hoyts app: At this stage, the Hoyts app does not provide access to the parking validation barcode. To access cinema validation when using the Hoyts app, simply open the email from Hoyts containing your digital ticket and scan the parking validation barcode, located at the bottom of the PDF, at a pay station prior to exiting the centre as normal.

Disability permit

Shoppers with a valid Disability Parking Permit receive an additional hour of free parking upon validation of the permit at the Concierge Desk located on Level 3. If you register for Ticketless Parking, you can apply your Disability Parking Permit to your registration by visiting the Concierge Desk.

Leaving the centre

If you have checked your time of entry at a pay station and you plan to depart the centre, ensure that you click ‘depart centre’ on the screen to receive an additional 15 minutes to allow you to get to your car and exit. This will ensure that you are not charged for going over your time limit.

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