Presenting your 2020 Westfield Local Heroes


Presenting your 2020 Westfield Local Heroes

We are excited to announce your three 2020 successful Westfield Local Heroes for Warringah Mall.

These inspiring local leaders were nominated and voted for by the community and will now be awarded a $10,000 grant for each of their affiliated organisations to help their important work to grow.

Westfield Local Heroes is a community recognition and grants program, connecting and enriching local communities. Launched in 2018, the program spans our 42 trade areas across Australia and New Zealand. In 2020, we are awarding $1.26 million to 126 local organisations.

In February 2021, we will open nominations for the 2021 Westfield Local Heroes program, so start thinking about those people in your communities who make a difference

Your three Westfield Warringah Mall Local Heroes are:

Angus (Gus) Worland

Dedicated. Genuine. Passionate

Angus (Gus) Worland has given up a stellar breakfast radio career to focus on Gotcha4Life, which he founded to promote mental fitness and wellbeing. He's a respected and down-to-earth role model, and he is helping people understand what it means to be supportive, kind and to get in and make a difference. "I believe we need to change the rules around what it takes to be a man and woman in this country. We can do this with education," says Gus. One of his crucial messages is that it's ok for a man to tell their mate they're not ok

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Malin Frick

Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew
Kind. Caring. Legend

What started five years ago as two friends trying to do a good deed has grown into the popular Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew, with more than 100 volunteers working together every month. That's largely thanks to co-founder Malin Frick, who spends her time organising, coordinating and running the clean-ups. Malin also uses social media to educate people around the world about the impact of waste and speaks to students at local schools. "The Clean Up Crew shows what Australia is all about – a caring community where everyone chips in for a good cause everyone believes in," Malin says

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Peter Watson

Forest Men's Kitchen Association Incorporated
Determined. Caring. Supporting

Peter Watson was inspired to learn to cook and pass his skills on to other men after seeing what a lack of kitchen skills did to his father. Peter's father married twice and never needed to cook. But he outlived both wives and by the time he passed away he was thin and poorly nourished. After Peter mastered nutritious meals, he set about establishing the Forest Men's Kitchen for older men, most of whom were suddenly confronted by their lack of skills after their wife died or became incapacitated. "Our catch cry is, 'old dogs, new tricks, great mates'," he says.

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We congratulate all of our finalists and nominees and recognise the important contribution they make to the local community.

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If you need support, please phone Lifeline: 13 11 14

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