Learning Lynx Program - Preschool readiness program


Learning Lynx Program - Preschool readiness program

YMCA, Level 2, entry via The Laneway - in between Robinson's Bookshop & Billy's House

Learning Lynx is now at YMCA at Westfield Plenty Valley

Get your little ones pre school ready with the help from the professionals at Learning Lynx.

What is Learning Lynx?
Learning Lynx provides a school readiness program through an enriched language experience. Children will be given the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will enable them to have a smoother transition into Primary School. At Learning Lynx we understand the huge step that Primary School is for many children and we work together with the child and the child’s family to help them best prepare for this important step. Our main goal is to show children how much fun school and learning can be and help them to become confident little learners. Through our play-based literacy sessions we introduce concepts in a way that encourages stress free, easy learning.

Why bring them to Learning Lynx?
The requirements placed on children in their first schooling year is a huge one. We work with your child both socially, emotionally and academically to help best prepare them for this big change.
Many studies highlight that young children’s neurological development is influenced in the preschool years and as a result early years programs are a better financial option. Research also supports that access to preschool programs can provide children with social and academic experiences that foster independence and positive attitudes to learning thereby facilitating a better transition to school. (Dunt, Elliot.)

We feel children will accelerate their development by increasing their knowledge in a range of skills, such as:
~ knowing their alphabet (both upper and lower)
~ phonemic awareness
~ knowledge of a range of high frequency words
~ print awareness
~ writing and pencil grip
~ speaking and listening skills
~ personal development skills

Learning Lynx will provide an explicit literacy focussed program by qualified primary school teachers and support staff. Children are taught these skills through craft, cooking, music, dance, stories and games. We realise the importance of confident and happy children entering into the Primary foundation years and the impact these factors have on their ability to learn. In a paper written by the Australian Research Alliance, it states "What children know and can do at the time they start school (school readiness) helps determine their educational and lifelong success. This is never more true than today. Today's economy demands a highly educated citizenry, meaning that children must be prepared for their own futures more than any other generation in the past" (from Bruner, C, Seven things policy makers need to know about school readiness).

Class sizes:
Each class will have 6-8 children per one educator, if numbers go above this there will be 2 people in the one room. Classes run for a duration of 1 hour.

Locations and Times:
4-6 year olds (starting school in 2020)
YMCA Wellness Centre - Plenty Valley Westfield
Every Monday and Tuesday morning.

Email us to organise your enrolment today.

More information, including prices and FAQs.




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