Luxe up your dogue: give your pet the 5 star treatment


Luxe up your dogue: give your pet the 5 star treatment

It’s time to give your dogs the makeover they deserve! Every good boy or girl deserves to be spoilt for all the endless kisses and cuddles they give. From accessories fit for any fashionable dog to a luxe bed, there are plenty of ways that you can give your dog the 5-star treatment.

Designer accessories

Win the cutest pup award with the best accessories on your next puppy play date. We're talking colourful leashes, matching collars and eye-catching harnesses. For something super stylish, check out The Daily Edited’s range of personalised dog collars.

Explore dog leashes and collars:

Pictured: Kmart dog lead rope, Kmart dog backpack.


Does it get any cuter than a dressed-up dog in an adorable outfit? Winter usually calls for you to pop a layer of clothing of your best friend to keep them warm as the temperature drops, making it the perfect excuse to go shopping. You could go out and find something functional, but it doesn’t hurt to look for something fashionable too!

Explore dog apparel:

Pictured: Kmart pet pyjamas.

A bed fit for royalty

With so many great bedding options available, there are plenty of excuses to pimp your dog’s little house. With the weather being a bit cooler this time of year, don’t be afraid to layer up their bed with a few extra blankets or put it in a small kennel or enclosure to keep the heat in.

Explore dog beds:

Pictured: Kmart pet lounge.


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