Budget tips and where to eat with kids


Budget tips and where to eat with kids

If planning where to have your next family dinner is turning out to be a bit of a struggle, you've come to the right place. Being a Mum of six children where we go to eat out needs to check a few boxes:

  • Weather permitting
  • Kid friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • And Tasty!

I’ve have compiled a list of the most budget friendly dining spots that both you and the kids will love. Whether you're after a place that has a kids' play area or you want kid-friendly menu options, Marion has you sorted.

So here’s my top five places to eat and why we love them so so much!

TGI Friday’s!

Not only is the food delicious!
Give me wings any day!
But the kids meals are large enough to split between two... as is there desserts
Kids eat free Monday through Thursday with the purchase of an adults main meal.
They have crayons and coloring in maps!
And if you sign up to there app now you can get $10 off per Adult as-well as a multitude of other vouchers available on the app now!

New York Bar and Grill

I mean I could stopped my rave there.
They have an indoor playground!
But they also have kids eat free everyday for dinner!!
Not to mention they have $9 kids meals and $10 lunch specials that split easily between two kids!
Kid friendly atmosphere; sit back and relax


Two for one pasta on Monday nights!
Huge serves and delicious food :)
They have a kids play area too with a huge black board!
If you have an entertainment book you can find a voucher in that book!
They also have kids meals for around $12 with coloring in packs included!

Coffee Club

Okay okay, I love coffee!!
So this one is a no brainer.
But they also have FREE babycinos for your little ones...
Menus that you are given with crayons to Color in
$2 juices and $9 kids meals!
Again smaller kids can share and the food is delicious!!

Top tips

  • Share cheap large meals between kids
  • Go during times where you can take advantage of “buy one get one free” offers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Go off peak times...1-4 is generally really quiet you can spread out and make as much noise as you like.

Krechelle Carter; Mum to six children
Freelance writer/ owner of the blog; @eightathome