Donate to The Nappy Collective


Donate to The Nappy Collective

Australia, supporting a baby in need is just a nappy away! The Nappy Collective calls on babies and parents throughout Australia to donate unused, disposable nappies, providing tangible support to women and babies-in-crisis.

How to get involved

Do you have left-over, unused, disposable nappies that you no longer need?

Drop them off to our collection point located next to Concierge, jsut down from Target and let us help you get them to a good home!

About The Nappy Collective

The collective’s mission is clear – by simply donating left-over, unused disposable nappies, Australians can help create a huge impact to families in desperate need.

With approximately one million babies aged 4 and under in Australia, this movement of babies could make a significant impact in supporting their fellow babies-in-need as well as reducing unnecessary waste.

Just a single nappy donation from each Australian baby could make a huge difference to families who are struggling to provide this basic yet essential health care item.

Click here for more information about The Nappy Collective.