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That Noodle & Hubei Snacks

Hubei Snacks, with a history traced from Han Dynasty, are mainly composed of many regional snacks including Xiangyang snacks, Hankou snacks, Enshi snacks, Yichang snacks.

Hubei Snacks can meet the tastes of different people. The most famous Hubei Snacks are: Noodles with Sesame Sauce, Dou Pi, Beef with Rice Noodle Soup, Fried Salty Doughnut and Spicy Duck Snacks. Traditional noodles with sesame sauce is also considered as one of the most ten famous noodles in China.

With the freshly made noodles and various snacks from the most famous province of China, That Noodle and Hubei Snacks is ready to offer you an unprecedented taste bud experience.

Visit That Noodle & Hubei Snacks at Garden City

Level 2, Food CourtSee on map

Enter via Logan Rd or Kessels Rd into Yellow Car Park

That Noodle & Hubei Snacks storefront image

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