Café 63

We serve 3,000,000 of our favourite customers every year. One at a time.

What is it about Café 63 that has made us one of the most popular cafes in Brisbane in less than seven years, proudly serving 40,000 of our closest friends each and every week?

Is it that we provide the ultimate coffee experience, with cup after mug after takeaway of fresh aromatic Di Bella Coffee? Or is it our legendary breakfasts, so mouth-wateringly 'more-ish' they cannot help but steal the thunder from our delicious lunches and dinners?

Perhaps it's the delightful surprises, like the fact that we are a coffee shop cleverly disguised as a fully-fledged Flower Shop? Maybe it's the great value, or the supreme quality of the produce we use, or the friendly customer service at Café 63 Coomera?

Or "all of the above".

But we like to think it's our people - hand-picked managers, baristas, chefs and waiters alike - who consistently provide the type of genuinely friendly service that we would like to receive if we were one of those two million very happy customers.

We look forward to you being our 3,000,001st.

Visit us

Level 1

Near Food Court

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Enter via Creek Road to Purple Car Park