Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s where the dream of flight becomes a reality and every flyer has a chance to earn their 'Wings'.

Flyers from 3 to 103 years and can experience the thrill of indoor skydiving at iFLY. With wheelchair access and highly trained instructors, we welcome flyers of all abilities. Relax in our viewing area whilst watching some awe inspiring flyers taking to the air in front of you.


1. Expert help

All first-time flights have two instructors - one to help you in the tunnel, and one to control the air speed.

Your group will have other first-time flyers, but you are 1-to-1 in the tunnel. This means the instructor will move at your pace.

2. Full pre-flight briefing

You need to arrive an hour before your flight to check in and go through the pre-flight briefing with your instructor.

You'll go through the basic flying position as well as a couple of hand signals to use in the tunnel.

3. The best technology

Our vertical wind tunnels are incredible. We have worked to get the best design for the smoothest air flow.
Latest indoor skydiving technology - iFLY Australia

4. Satisfaction guaranteed

All our tunnels hold the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and we do all that we can to make sure you have an amazing flight. Plus, all online bookings are covered by our great flight guarantee

5. Amazing memories

Your flight at iFLY will be unforgettable, but we find many customers like to relive the experience. We've got high-definition cameras to capture your whole flight.

Add pictures or videos to your online booking, or buy them after you fly - they make great profile pictures!

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Entry via Banfield street or the bus interchange opposite Thomas street.

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Near the Level 1 Outdoor Restaurants, between the Gympie Road entries

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Ground Level off Gympie Rd near Grill'd