5 steps to turn your home into a Sunday reading sanctuary


5 steps to turn your home into a Sunday reading sanctuary

As the woolly weather settles in, there’s nothing better than looking forward to a warm Sunday afternoon reading at home. A time to switch off the devices, turn on the heater and double down with some hot chocolate and a few good stories.

This winter, we are all about feathering the nest rugging up, so we are here to offer you a step by step guide to turning your home into a Sunday sanctuary full of cosiness and good books, as well as an edit of our top recommended reads.

Step one: consider your senses

One of the most important things you can do to turn your home into a Sunday sanctuary is to consider your senses. Most people can’t relax in a crazy, cluttered space, so make sure that wherever your family is settling down, it is calm and chaos free. Even if it’s only one room, make an effort to do a quick tidy. Put the heater on, light some candles and grab your comfiest pillows and throws. Now your sense of sight, smell and touch are happy.
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Step two: hot chocolate

It’s time to move on to the next, and possibly most crucial sense; taste. There is nothing more homely than the smell of hot chocolate wafting from the kitchen. The most indulgent way to make hot chocolate is by boiling up some milk on the stove top and dropping good quality chocolate in. Of course, marshmallows are also a total necessity here.
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Step three: cosy clothing

Now we aren’t here to tell you that pyjamas are a must, but at least something very close to them is what you should be aiming for. Think soft fabrics, warm layers and fluffy socks.
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Step four: devices off

Ok, maybe asking people to turn off their devices entirely is a bit crazy, but we do think that you should at least put them on silent or switch off notifications. Imagine you’re at a cabin in the woods without service and unplug for a few hours.

Step five: good books

We could go on for hours about all the books that have recently come out – here are just a few of the best:

For the practical soul: ‘The Little Book of Life Hacks’ by Yumi Sakugawa This illustrated gem is like a quaint, haphazard comic book full of incredible life hacks – from mastering the art of conversation, to choosing indoor plants that will detox your air.

For the share market enthusiast: ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham has been a classic investing bible for the past 70 years, and one that should be on every finance-focussed bookshelf. It’s not exactly something you can get into during a commute, so a Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to sink your teeth in.

For the biography lover: ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover has taken the literary world by storm this year. This biographical novel outlining one woman’s journey from being raised off-grid in the mountains of Idaho to studying at Cambridge University is compelling beyond words.

For the creatively minded: ‘Hirameki’ by Peng + Hu is a 200-page book full of colourful ink blots. It encourages the reader to turn them into pictures using just a felt-tip pen and a few small lines. Perfect for children from 6 to 100.

For the read-aloud-family: ‘A Year Full of Stories’ by Angela McAllister and Christopher Corr is a collection of 52 beautifully illustrated folk tales and legends from around the world. The images are so detailed that even pre-readers could spend hours thumbing through the pages, and readers of any age will enjoy the tales.

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