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Presenting your 2021 Westfield Local Heroes


Presenting your 2021 Westfield Local Heroes

We are excited to announce your three 2021 successful Westfield Local Heroes for Carousel.

Each of the affiliated organisations of the successful heroes will be awarded a $10,000 grant to support their work to thrive. Westfield will award 126 grants across Australia and New Zealand – totalling $1.26 million.

In early 2022, we will open nominations for the 2022 Westfield Local Heroes program, so start thinking about those people in your communities who make a difference.

For further information or to discover the Westifield Local Heroes at other Westfield centres, click here.

Your three Westfield Carousel Local Heroes are:

Anita Quistini-Ross

C3 Langford
Loyal. Selfless. Generous

For six years, C3 Langford’s volunteer head cook Anita Quistini-Ross has carefully prepared free three-course sit-down dinners that fill bellies and provide a sense of community for more than 200 guests. Everyone is welcome at the dinners. Over the years, Anita and her fellow volunteers have provided more than 40,000 meals.

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Dayna Pool

Healthy Strides Foundation
Committed. Passionate. Inspiring

Physiotherapist and researcher Dayna Pool worked with the Perth Children’s Hospital to develop an innovative technique that has helped about 200 Western Australia children with neurological disorders learn walking skills and live a full life. She founded the award-winning non-profit Healthy Strides Foundation in 2018 and provides desperately needed affordable therapy in Western Australia. She has since helped over 200 children with learning walking skills.

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Megan Norbury

Miracle Babies
Dedicated. Supportive. Invaluable

Megan Norbury provides a shoulder to lean on for new parents whose babies are born sick or premature. As a employee with Miracle Babies Foundation, Megan provides peer support to families in the Perth area during a baby's hospital stay and beyond. She visits parents in the NICU and also runs playgroups for them after discharge.

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We congratulate our finalists and recognise the important contribution they make to the local community.

Caoibhe Hendy from Therapy Focus
Occupational therapist Caoibhe Hendy goes to extraordinary lengths to provide life-changing help to thousands of people with complex disabilities. Caoibhe is a senior manager at non-profit Therapy Focus. She arranges home modifications and sources assistive technology equipment that enables people to be as mobile and independent as possible.

Joan Sutherland from The Haven
Big-hearted Joan Sutherland provides more than 200 free meals a day to families in need. She overcame a lack of resources to start The Haven, which provides hot and frozen meals, showers, sleeping bags, clothes, nappies and personal items.

Julian Pace from Happiness Co
Thousands of people worldwide are happier because of Julian Pace, who founded Happiness Co to tackle depression and loneliness through face-to-face and online programs. The social enterprise promotes happiness, kindness and community cohesion through online programs, live workshops and events.

If you need support, please visit Happiness Co or phone Lifeline: 13 11 14.

If you need support, please phone Lifeline: 13 11 14

Recognising all our 2021 nominees

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