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Westfield x InStyle Australia: The Super Specific Gift Guide

It’s no secret that we live in an age of individualism. From the way we dress to how we spend our free time, this Christmas we’re celebrating what makes us unique. And whilst ever-expanding individuality is wonderful, it makes gift buying more challenging than ever. Let’s face it, in 2023, giving someone a pair of underwear or an iTunes gift card just isn’t going to cut it.

So, if you need some help picking out the perfect gifts for all the very different types of people in your life, you’ve come to the right place. As part of their December issue, we’ve collaborated with InStyle Australia to create a hyper-curated gift guide for every – and we mean every – type of person in your life.

Shopping for the boy who wants to game 24/7? The tween who worships Taylor Swift? Or maybe the man who thinks he’s king of the kitchen? We’ve got you covered.

For the woman who makes all her decisions around astrology...

Know someone who owns more crystals than a geology museum? Or swipes left based purely on star signs? We know the type and good news; we’ve got the perfect gifts for your cosmic companion.

Products featured: Necklace $95 (The Silver Collective), Essential Oil $19.99 (Dusk), Maison Balzac Incense Set $65 (David Jones), Vyrao Witchy Woo EDP 50ml $263 (Mecca), Everyday Tarot Cards $17.99 (Harry Hartog), Tiffany & Co Sunglasses $631 (Sunglass Hut), Cosmic Companion Workbook $23.99 (QBD Books), Diptyque Candle $146 (Mecca), Salt Lamp $20 (Kmart), Top $195 (Zimmermann), Royal Doulton Mug $29.95 (Myer)
Talent wearing: Top $2415 (Gucci), Jeans $1765 (Gucci), Alias Mae Shoes $199.95 (David Jones), Bag $5720 (Gucci)

For the ‘I’m not a regular gran, I’m a cool gran'...

Like fine wine, she only gets better with age – the cool Gran never goes out of fashion and doesn’t she know it. She prefers cocktail bars to cookie jars, so here’s what to get the Gran that ditches crochet for couture.

Products featured: BYREDO Mixed Emotions EDP 50ml $266 (Mecca), Cushion $59 (Marimekko), Shoes $1235 (Sportmax), Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita $120 (David Jones), Dinosaur Designs Necklace $320 (David Jones), Maison Francis Kurkdijian Candle $145 (Mecca), Jo Malone Hand Cream $63 (David Jones), Maison Balzac Carafe Set $89 (David Jones), Fazeek Glasses Set of Two $119 (David Jones), Dinosaur Designs Bowl $300 (David Jones), Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick $59 (Myer)
Talent wearing: Jacket $1500 (Zimmermann), Pants $795 (Zimmermann), MIU MIU Sunglasses $534 (Sunglass Hut), Handbag $2320 (Sportmax), St. Agni Shoes $378 (David Jones)

For the friend on her way to the C-suite...

Do you have a corporate powerhouse pal who sends emails in their sleep? It can be tricky shopping for the friend that’s more interested in the boardroom than brunch, but we’ve got the perfect gifts that’ll look great in their corner office.

Products featured: Bracelet $169 (Alana Maria Jewellery), AirPods $399 (Apple), St. Agni Shoes $379 (David Jones), Journal $16.99 (Typo), The Daily Edited Laptop Cover $199 (Myer), Glasses $500 (Scanlan Theodore), Ouranon EDP 50ml $220 (Aesop), Cup $24 (Nespresso), Laptop $1799 (Apple), BEAUTYBIO Bright Eyes Eye Gels 15 pairs $64 (Mecca), Belkin Power Bank $59.95 (JB HI-FI), Capsules $1.10 each (Nespresso), Gucci Beauty Nail Polish $57 (Sephora), Frank Green Bottle $49.95 (David Jones)
Talent wearing: Vest $600 (Camilla and Marc), Pants $600 (Camilla and Marc), Earrings $149 (Oroton), Necklace from $3400 (Sarah and Sebastian), Longines Watch $2950 (David Jones), Bag $6400 (Bottega Veneta), St. Agni Shoes $449 (David Jones)

For the teenager who has just discovered BeautyTok...

Do you know a teen who dreams of becoming a beauty influencer? Who’s more interested in contouring than calculus? Shopping for them can be tricky, especially as you need to stay in the loop of what’s ‘viral’. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Products featured: Iphone 15 from $1499 (Apple), Airwrap $799 (Dyson), Fazeek Vase $129 (David Jones), Bag $1930 (Louis Vuitton), Robe $149 (Country Road), Token Headband $15 (Universal Store), Too Faced Italian Spritz Eye Shadow $87 (Mecca), Stanley Tumbler $79.99 (Glue), Gua Sha $29 (Sephora), Koss Air Brow Gel $38 (Mecca), Rare Beauty Positive Light Highlighter $44 (Sephora), Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask $31 (Sephora), Drunk Elephant Sunshine Drops $60 (Mecca), Gisou Hair Perfume $133 (Mecca), Hair Rollers $6 (Kmart), Peter Alexander Pyjamas ($359)
Talent wearing: Ganni Dress $525 (David Jones), T Shirt $19.90 (Uniqlo), Levante socks $9.95 (David Jones), Shoes $180 (Wittner)

For when you want to make sure you’re the baby’s favourite...

They may be in diapers but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to impress and let’s be honest, we all want to be the cool aunt or uncle. Get them something that’ll make them giggle, it’ll be worth its weight in gold.

Products featured: You Are My Happiness Book $14.95 (Seed Heritage Kids), Baby Wrap $57.95 (ZARA), Where Is The Green Sheep $10 (Big W), Jordan 1 Shoes $70 (Nike), Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Toy $24.99 (Kidstuff), Cyclops Toy Bike $69 (Target), Nice One Baby Bubble Bath $12 (Cotton On Kids), Skip Hop Lion Backpack $39.95 (David Jones), Bello Lets Go Fish Game $34.99 (Kidstuff), Xylophone $10 (Target), Jelly Cat Monkey $59.99 (Kidstuff), Hat $17.99 (H&M)
Talent Wearing: Top $24.95 (Seed Heritage Kids), Overalls $49.95 (Seed Heritage Kids), Shoes $27.99 (H&M), Socks pack of 5 $12.99 (H&M), JALLY CAT $39.95 (Seed Heritage Kids)

For the kid who thinks life should be a rainbow...

We all love the kid who goes through life wearing kaleidoscope-covered glasses. They’re a bundle of joy and an explosion of colour. It’s no surprise you want to get them something they’ll love, so check out our favourite gifts ideas and be the one with the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.

Products featured: Classic Lego Set $99 (LEGO), Crayola Art Case $30 (Big W), Rainbow Neon Light $10 (Kmart), Star Trek Bear $45 (Build-A-Bear), Rainbow Bubbles Bath Bomb $21 (LUSH), Underwater Camera $32.95 (Seed Heritage), Rainbow Butterfly Kite $29.99 (Hobbyco), Twister Game $25 (Target), Socks $4.99 (Cotton On Kids), Lunchbox $12 (Kmart), Shoes $80 (Vans)
Talent wearing: Shirt $29.99 (Cotton On Kids), Shorts $19.99 (Cotton On Kids), Shoes $24.99 (Cotton On Kids)

For the girl who wants to be a Matilda...

This year, the Matildas took Australia by storm, and it’s birthed a generation of young girls with dreams of representing their country. Strong, competitive, passionate and fierce, give them a gift that proves you’re behind them so they can reach for the stars.

Products featured: Gilbert Netball hoop $39.99 (Rebel Sport), GOOD DYE YOUNG Hair dye $24.95 (Priceline), Adidas Soccer Ball $69.99 (Rebel Sport), Reeves Paints $21.50 (Eckersley’s), Bag $49.95 (Zara), Mineral Paper $46.50 (Eckersley’s), Terrasphere Football Goal $49.99 (Rebel Sport), FIFA 23 $39 (Big W), Drink bottle $29.99 (Allkinds), Sally Hansen Nail polish $8.97 (Priceline)
Talent wearing: Top $20 (Nike), Skirt $39.95 (Zara), Socks pack of 3 $17.95 (Zara), Nike Shoes $74.99 (Hype)

For the boy who wants to game 24/7...

Whether it’s Monopoly, Minecraft or mini golf, we all know the kid that’ll play you in just about anything – they love to compete and they love to win. Pick out the perfect game and maybe practice beforehand so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Products featured: BBL Cricket Set $79.99 (Rebel Sport), Soon Book $14 (Big W), Star Wars Lego Set $99.99 (LEGO), Nintendo Switch Lite $328 (Harvey Norman), UNO $6 (Kmart), Moki Hyper Headphones $17.94 (Myer), Crocs $70 (Platypus), Professor Puzzle Game $47.99 (Dymocks), Skateboard $9 (Kmart), HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel $149 (JB HI-FI), Monopoly Chance $49 (Big W)
Talent wearing: Top pack of 5 $34.99 (H&M), Pants pack of 2 $44.99 (H&M), Nike Shoes $74.99 (Hype)

For the tween who worships Taylor Swift...

It can be a ‘Difficult’ decision deciding what to get a Taylor Swift fanatic. You don’t want to be saying ‘Don’t Blame Me’ if you give them something they don’t want. Instead, you want to be shouting ‘Me!’ when they ask who got them the perfect gift. So, if you’re not sure what to do, ‘Shake it Off’ and check out our gift guide made for their Taylor Swift era 😉.

Products featured: Fujifilm Camera $119 (JB HI-FI), 1989 Album $79.99 (JB HI-FI), Milan + Goetz Perfume Oil $51 (Mecca), Lipstick $72 (Gucci), Cosmetic Cooler $69 (Kmart), Loops Beauty Face mask $10 each (Mecca), Assorted Bracelets $14.95 (Lovisa), Bath Bomb $11 (Lush), Headphones $899 (Apple), Cowboy Boot Christmas Decoration $7 (Typo), Mirror $39.99 (Typo), Kids Pretty Pastel Bead Kit $19.99 (Lovisa), Pen $9.99 (Typo), Opi Nail Polish $23.95 (Myer), Veja Shoes $170 (David Jones), Lanolips Lip Balm $34.95 (Mecca)
Talent wearing: Cardigan $49.95 (Zara), Skirt $49.95 (Zara), Shoes $69.95 (Zara), Hat $49.95 (Seafolly), Bracelets $14.95 (Lovisa)

For the guy who just got his own place...

When a young man leaves the nest for the first time, it’s both freeing and scary, and most likely, they’ve forgotten a thing or two. This makes it the perfect time to get them something they need and will love.

Products featured: WHO IS ELIJAH EDP 50ml $115 (Sass & Bide), Slipper/Shoe $120 (The North Face), Audio-Technica Turn Table $699 (JB HI-FI), Le Labo Candle Discovery Set $135 (Mecca), Ralph Lauren Home Bed Set $499.95 (David Jones), Fujifilm Camera $229 (JB HI-FI), Surfboard $69 (Kmart), Tabletop Game $59.99 (Cotton On), Ray-Ban Sunglasses $232 (Sunglass Hut), Lamp $69.95 (Freedom), T-Shirt $19.90 (Uniqlo)
Talent wearing: Commas Shirt $395 (David Jones), Tank Top pack of 3 $12 (Kmart), Commas Pants $555 (David Jones), Shoes $180 (Adidas)

For the man who thinks he’s king of the kitchen...

Know a man with five recipes in their repertoire, four of which involve using the bbq? That, along with an in-depth knowledge of Gordan Ramsay quotes, is all it takes to become a self-declared ‘King of the Kitchen’. Whether it’s a niche sauce or a one-of-a-kind utensil, give them something that tells them you support their culinary endeavours.

Products featured: Smeg Two Slice toaster $299 (David Jones), 26CM Cast Iron Round Casserole $660 (Le Creuset), Kip & Co Wine Glass $59 (David Jones), Glass Jars $14 (Kmart), Hennessy VS Cognac 700ml $72 (Liquorland), Sweet Sting Honey Goldie Mustard 290G $17.95 (David Jones), Alessi Corkscrew $130 (David Jones), Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee EDP 60ml $140 (Myer), Acqua Di Parma Grazie Candle 200g $129 (Myer), Kip & Co Party Speckle Water Jug $99 (David Jones), Ottolenghi SIMPLE by Yotam Ottolenghi $29 (Big W), Zanzi Cocktail Set $149.95 (David Jones), Muraglia Olive Oil 500ml $74.95 (David Jones)
Talent wearing: Shirt $745 (Zegna), Commas Pants $555 (David Jones), Birkenstocks $222 (David Jones)

For the dad reluctantly obsessed with the family pet...

Know a dad who was avidly against getting a pet and now can’t live without them? Despite his best attempt, he’s fallen head over paws and loves nothing more than spoiling his furry friend. Well, you’re in luck because we have a list of treats they’ll both enjoy.

Products featured: Shoes $110 (ASICS), Animal 500ML $49 (Aesop), Frank Green Pet Poo Bag Holder $14.95 (David Jones), Cap $89 (Ralph Lauren), Pet Collar $515 (Louis Vuitton), Bag $90.00 (The North Face), Fitbit Watch $179 (JB HI-FI), Kingring $59 (Apple), Oakley Sunglasses $288 (Sunglass Hut), Harry Barker Toy $16.95 (David Jones), Airtag $49 (Apple), Pet T-Shirt $375 (Gucci), Plush Toy $34.50 (Peter Alexander)
Talent wearing: Shirt $79.95 (Zara), Pants $139.95 (MJ Bale), Shoes $1615 (Zegna)

The InStyle Australia December issue is out now.

We like to think we’ve got everyone covered, but if you didn’t find the perfect present, check out our other gift guides here.

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