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The ultimate guide to the best sports bras

*The following guide has been written by Lorna Jane. *

We all know the struggle of suffering through a workout in an ill-fitting sports bra. From a lack of support to materials that aren’t breathable, and straps that stretch out over time – we’ve all been there.

But choosing the right sports bra is extremely important. Wearing the wrong sports bra when you work out can lead to the permanent stretching of your Cooper’s soft-tissue ligaments.

Our guide to sports bras aims to provide you with the best information so you can find your perfect fit. Let’s get started.

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Measure Twice, Buy Once

The first step to finding your perfect sports bra is to use a measurement guide. Get a measuring tape and measure the bust and under bust.

Image: Lorna Jane

The Bra Basics

After measuring and getting your bra size it is important to consider the bra basics, before picking a bra out. These are general tips based on your bra size which can help you decide what style of bra might suit your breasts best.

For example, individual bra cups are better for larger breasts, while shelf-bras work for lower-impact activities for cup sizes ranging from A to B.

Racerbacks are good for support and security particularly with smaller sizes. Whereas a wide and adjustable back are much more supportive for larger sizes in distributing weight evenly.

Getting the right fit

After picking out your Lorna Jane bra there are three important areas to consider when checking if this is the right one for you. These are: straps, cups and sides.

Your sports bra straps should never dig into your skin. They should feel comfortable but firm enough to provide the right support. Run your fingers from back of the straps to the shoulder and check the tension of the strap.

Next is the cup of the bra. When putting on your sports bra, your breast should fit comfortably in the cup section. No spillage should appear under the arms, beneath the bra or over the top. A good tip is to check how the sports bra lays at the top. It should be lightly resting on your skin and not gaping anywhere. You can even do a test star-jump and lean over to check for gaping and to ensure the bra is providing the right support.

Image: Lorna Jane

Then, check the side panels and the back of your bra. No noticeable spillage should be occurring here over the sides or at the back of your bra. Place a finger under the band at the front between your breasts. Alternatively, place a finger under the back bra band. You should not be able to pull the bra away from your chest more than 2-3cms away.

Next, raise your arms above your head and check to see if the band rises or moves upwards. If these two tests show significant movement, you will need to go down a size.

Now it’s time to consider what activities you plan on doing in your sports bra. Are you a runner? Or do you prefer practicing yoga or going for a morning walk? Take some time and figure out what function the bra will be fulfilling.

We’ made it easier for you be providing a simple table based off support style below with key fitness activities!

Support Level

Key Fitness Activities

Bra Features

All-Day SupportPilaitesComfortable All-Day fit
WalkingRemoveable Padding
YogaStrappy Detailing
MeditationLightweight & Soft Feel
Breathable Fabric
Adjustable Straps
Underbust Shaping
High SupportStrength & ResistanceFirm & Compressive Feel
BoxingHigh-Performance Material
Added Coverage Around the Bust
Thick Straps
Maximum SupportGym & trainingAdded Coverage Around the Bust
RunningAnti-Chafing Seaming
CyclingInternal Anti-Slip Gel Taping
High-Impact Cardio

How to Care For Your Sports Bra

Now you’ve got your measurements, checked the fit and considered the sports bras function and purpose, you should have a sports bra you will love and use for a long time to come!

But to ensure you make the most of your sports bra, it’s important to take proper care of it. This starts with purchasing a few key sports bras, which could be at varying support levels, to rotate through. You shouldn’t rely on one sports bra to do the job every single time.

All Lorna Jane sports bras are machine washable, but to protect any hardware or zips from catching don’t forget to use a delicate bag. A machine gentle cold wash with a mild laundry powder is perfect for keeping your sports bra nice and clean. Be sure to avoid fabric softener and bleach as this can reduce the durability and longevity of your sports bra. Also be sure not to tumble dry your sports bra. Simply leave it to dry naturally on a flat surface or line dry.

And there you have it! Shop for your new favourite sports bra at Lorna Jane, near Cotton On.

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