Tim Miller - Westfield Local Heroes 2020


Tim Miller - Westfield Local Heroes 2020

Inspiring thousands to do good

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Genuine.

In Tim Miller's enthusiasm to do good, he accidentally started a nationwide volunteer project that saves millions of plastic lids from landfill and raises money for children.

Lids4Kids was born when Tim started raising money for charity by collecting the 10c refund on containers. But nobody wanted his three wheelie bins of plastic lids.

Tim was determined to save the lids from landfill and searched for various not-for-profit groups that could use the plastic bottle lids to repurpose into sustainable recycled plastic products to benefit the environment and disadvantaged kids.

Tim wrote Lids4Kids on a plastic bucket and placed it beside his community library in Aranda. He posted a picture on social media, and it went viral.

"We've rescued over 10 million lids and prevented over 22 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill," Tim says.

Tim, a former public servant, has several debilitating illnesses and says he adds meaning to his life by being a devoted dad and looking out for the environment.

"The most rewarding part is working directly with local volunteers with dementia, amputees and kids with physical or mental cognitive challenges. I particularly like working with kids and hosting lid colour-sorting workshops."

Westfield Local Heroes are nominated and voted for by their communities, with the three top finalists per Westfield centre each awarded a $10,000 grant for their affiliated organisation. Lids4Kids will buy a granulator to shred lids, enabling the volunteers to make plastic products that directly benefit local children.

For further information on the Westfield Local Heroes program, click here

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