Panda Crepes & Tea

Enjoy Chinese savoury crepes, egg bubble waffles and a range of beverages. Chinese crepe is known as Jianbing, a very popular street food in China, with a history of more than 2000 years. A standard jianbing is a very thin crepe made from a batter of wheat flour and topped with an egg, chili sauce, hoisin sauce, spring onions and baocui (crispy fried won-ton skins). This unique blend of ingredients, crunchy, soft and chewy textures are all rolled up into a wrap- creating a delicious handheld feast.

We have a wide range of drinks available at our store. From milky tea, fruity tea to smoothies, drinks can be topped with yummy mix-ins like panda pearls & coconut jelly.

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Level 2

Outside Woolworths

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Green Car Park, Level 2