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The Shed (Take away only)

Fresh & exciting food, exceptional coffee. Enjoy a home-style meal with friends and family, or pop in for the perfect shot of espresso on the go.

Our Food

The Shed respects quality produce and freshly prepared meals made to order, reflected in the exciting, mouth-watering and heart-warming menu. Most importantly the food is fresh and we make as many of our ingredients at The Shed as we possibly can; the home-made freshly whisked pancakes & berry compote, the signature breakfast granola baked on site to order, slow cooked, delicious stock and soups or the yummy rocky road made & devoured each day are just some of the all-time favourites.

Our Coffee

The Shed’s commitment to quality coffee and our pursuit for the perfect espresso is real. So real that we have partnered with The Spirit, the world’s leading coffee machine; sold exclusively to only a select range of cafes world-wide.

We want our customers to have a complex and beautiful experience with each cup of coffee, so we’ve created our own signature blend; it’s distinctive with notes of dried fruits, caramel and nougat. The blend has a mild acidity for complexity and a creamy mouth feel, great with or without milk.

The Shed proudly supports a co-op in Colombia that supplies 60% of the coffee used in The Shed unique blend. Our support has allowed this small group of farmers to reinvest in better farming practices.
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