Start your fitness journey with Body Shape


Start your fitness journey with Body Shape

The aim at Body Shape is to help women of all ages feel better about themselves, reach their fullest potential through improved health, wellbeing, physical strength and confidence and provide them with a clean, vibrant, full service and uniquely female-only environment.

If you want the option of over 50 group exercise classes as well as a cycle studio and cardio and weight training areas, all within a female-only environment, then Body Shape is for you.

Local Alisha Williamson gave Body Shape a try to let us know what the fuss is about.

Describe Body Shape: "I have never worked out in a womens only space before so I was surprised at how comfortable I felt as soon as I walked through the doors of Body Shape - this is a gym I’d definitely join."

What are the trainers like?: "The trainers were fantastic they knew how to command a room and made sure everyone felt welcome."

Overall, how did you find the session: "The sessions were great, I really enjoyed the yoga. Such a diverse group of women to work-out with, all ages are welcome."

How did you feel after the session: "I felt very energised after the Abs & Butts and only felt a little sore the next day which was nice. Abs & Butts was a great workout and didn’t completely wear me out for the rest of the day. Yoga was a great stretch after the intense/high energy workout. The class was great for all levels of practice. I really enjoyed the freestyle area of the gym, you will find all the equipment you’ll need for a solid session."

Can the gym be easily accessed via the carpark: "Parking was easy, it's always easy to park at the mall."

If you could pick one highlight, what would it be: "My highlight would have to be the creche - Liam had an absolute blast. Great equipment and staff. I also loved the variety of fitness classes and the inclusiveness of all ages and fitness levels."

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Body Shape Female Fitness Centre