Gro Urban Oasis: Together we're changing lives for the better


Gro Urban Oasis: Together we're changing lives for the better

Gro Urban Oasis, Ground Level

Through traineeships, excursions, work experience and fund raising events, Gro Urban Oasis work with Youth Off The Streets to support disconnected youth as they turn their lives around. Along with the above ongoing support, Gro Urban Oasis donated $50,000 to Youth Off The Streets in July 2020.

Here is an update from Youth Off The Streets showing how the generosity of the GRO customers helps them to make a real difference to young lives.

Our work with young people is more than just helping kids stay out of trouble. We are committed to helping them become positive and productive members of the community, building their confidence, supporting their dreams and teaching them essential life skills.

We care for Australia’s most vulnerable young people who are severely disadvantaged, have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, mental illness and homelessness.

Without a stable home environment, these young people often struggle in school, have trouble maintaining healthy relationships and later find it difficult to get a job.

We want to end that cycle of disadvantage and give all our kids a fair go. Here’s how we use the donations from your customers:

Create safety: Crisis and outreach services

Our first priority is to create a safe environment to keeps kids off the streets and away from danger. We do this by offering Outreach to disadvantaged communities, crisis accommodation, counselling, food services and drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

Support growth: Education programs

Not every kid thrives in the mainstream education system. We offer alternative education through our six independent schools to give disadvantaged kids the extra support they need and help them become more engaged in their learning.

Open up opportunities: Employment

We give young people more opportunities to secure meaningful employment by offering vocational training, job placements and work-ready programs. We also have a National Scholarship and Mentoring Program for young people who wish to pursue further study.

Want to support Youth Off The Streets? You can 'tap to donate' at the register next time you visit Gro Urban Oasis.

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