The Hidden Spell


The Hidden Spell

  • Level 1 Concierge desk (near Big W). View Map

    Price: Complimentary

Join the search to uncover the hidden spell!

Many full moons ago, a great wizard crafted a magic spell to keep his cauldron of treasure safe.

To keep the magical spell a secret, the wizard decided to hide parts of it on many different objects scattered throughout Warringah Mall hoping the spell would never be revealed.

Now it's up to you to unlock the spell and all the secret parts back together in the right order.

If your wizardly instinks are right, you may be lucky enough to find a specially marked ball in our cauldron of treasure and win a magical prize.

To uncover the hidden spell and discover the cauldron of treasure you’ll need to follow these magical directions:

  1. Follow the trail to find the seven hidden objects
  2. Write down the secret parts of the magic spell found on each object
  3. Take the spell to the Customer Service Desk on level 1, near Big W
  4. Dip your hands in the magic cauldron
  5. Select a ball and if it's magically marked, you win!

Good luck wizards and witches!