Meet the beavers of Wonder Park, in cinemas now


Meet the beavers of Wonder Park, in cinemas now

Meet Gus and Cooper, the beaver brother duo that can fix anything in the must-see movie, Wonder Park in cinemas now.

We asked Fitzy and Wippa, the voices behind the the beaver brothers, some hard hitting questions. Find out what they had to share about Gus and Cooper.

Question: What would Gus and Cooper have if they were to go to the movies?
Answer: It would be hard to tell because they eat very fast, so I would say choc tops but they’d go through at least 50 of them in 5 seconds. Cooper’s more of a slushy man with some popcorn, yes he loves his slushies.

Q: If Gus and Cooper had $50 to spend at Westfield, what would they spend it on?
A: If Gus and Cooper had $50 to spend at Westfield they would without a doubt go to the food court and load up on foot longs at Subway. Gus gets a little bit hungrier than Cooper, so he’d take Cooper's $50 so he would have $100 to spend at the food court and he’d be very happy.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do at Westfield?
A: Favourite thing to do at Westfield without a doubt is take the kids to the movies, followed by the food court. You can do it in either order, you can do the food court and then the movies ‘cause it doesn’t matter, it’s always easy to park.

Behind the scenes with Fitzy and Wippa

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