DIY nature craft at home


DIY nature craft at home

Our DIY kids nature craft guides give you step by step instructions on how to create nature based treasure keepsakes at home. Use the Kids Adventure Atlas to head out on a guided nature walk and collect items to use in your craft masterpieces. Created by the sensory play experts at Messy Little Munchkins, they are not overly complicated or material intensive and most importantly, are kid-friendly!

Craft Supplies

You will not need an entire store of craft supplies for these simple creations. To create any of the craft activities you will need craft glue, paintbrushes, paints, a paper mache eye mask, air dry clay, twine and a paint canvas. You can pick up these items from Lincraft, Riot Art & Craft, Zap Variety or Smart Dollar.

Flora Mask Making

This is a beautiful creation anyone can enjoy. Parents, grab two masks, as we guarantee you’ll love making one too. Pick a sunny morning, enjoy a morning walk with the family picking flowers, leaves and thin twigs to use while making your floral eye mask.

You will need:

  • A paper mâché eye mask, Porta craft brand available at Lincraft was used in this example
  • Flowers, leaves, sand, thin twigs
  • Craft glue
  • Can put a little glue in a tub and use a paintbrush


  • Using craft glue, place a decent amount on the mask
  • Choose your flower petals and leaves, place on glue and repeat
  • Once your whole mask is covered with beautiful flowers and leaves, place in a sunny spot to dry
  • Admire and enjoy your creation

Nature Painting

Painting with natural things the children have found is a great way for them to explore patterns and textures as each item will leave a different trail on the paper. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood or go on one of the many scenic walks on the Central Coast to collect your flora, fauna, twigs and sticks.

You will need:

  • Leaves, flowers
  • Twigs, sticks
  • Tape or twine
  • Canvas (various sizes available from Zap Variety)
  • Paint
  • Paint holder


  • Break or cut (with a parent/adult assistance) your twigs to the desired length
  • Choose a flower or leaves, using the florist tape or twine wrap the flora to the end of the twig, repeat, making as many as you like.
  • Chose different flora for each will show different patterns and shapes in your final product
  • Put paint in your paint holder, this could be an egg craton, disposable cups, paper plate etc
  • Using the tip of your DIY nature paint brush, place it your desired paint colour
  • Paint your beautiful masterpiece on your canvas
  • Wait to dry, you could either wrap it up to gift it to your family or hang it on your bedroom wall.

Clay Echidna

This wonderful little Australian animal is a delight to make.

You will need:

  • 250g Airdrying clay, you can purchase this from Lincraft, Jovi Clay was used in this example
  • Flat clean surface
  • Twigs
  • Flowers, leaves
  • Two small pebbles


  • Using your hands, soften the clay to easier mould it into the shape of an echidna.

  • Break off four small pieces off to make feet, and a little more to place our leaves and gumnuts that we found
  • Shape the body into a semi round ball
  • Use your fingers to pull and roll a thin long nose.
  • Place the pebbles in the location for the eyes
  • Using the four small pieces place under the body to make the feet, pressing firmly
  • Now break your twigs to the desired length and place on the rounded top half of your echidnas’ body
  • Place your leaves, flowers into the remainder piece of clay
  • Leave your clay Echidna over night to dry

Nature Weaving

Nature weaving is a great way to teach children about different plants and to encourage creativity. The first step to this activity is to find four sticks. To create a square frame, the sticks need to be of similar size or to create a rectangle, two longer sticks and two shorter sticks will do the trick. Collect a variety of flowers, leaves, feathers, weeds on your nature walk.

You will need:

  • twine
  • sticks
  • items found in nature, leaves, flowers


  • Using the twine, make a frame by attaching the sticks together at each corner. You can do this by winding the twine around and knotting once it is securely fastened.
  • Once your frame is finished, wind the twine around the frame, looping on each end before continuing on to the other side (see photos for reference) until the frame has lines of twine across it. Secure by knotting.
  • Weave the items collected one at a time over and under the twine, alternating to create more interest.
  • Admire your lovely creation!

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