Meet the Freestyle Kings!


Meet the Freestyle Kings!

Freestyle Kings are heading to Westfield Tuggerah this weekend, showcasing their dare devil flips and tricks for the Central Coast!

We've put together biographies on the three riders to get you geared up for an adrenaline filled weekend.

Pat Bowden

Pat Bowden, a 26 year old from the Gold Coast Queensland has been apart of the Freestyle Kings since 2014. Pat is one of the best riders in the world having recently won the 2019 Nitro world games.

Pat competes all over the world including X games and in Europe at the Night of the Jumps World Championship.

Pat's known for his signature cliffhanger backflip where he hangs onto his bike with his boots only upside down. His unique style and all white bike/riding gear helps him stand out from the rest.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown, better known as "Browny" is a 28 year old from Melbourne, Victoria. Browny has been apart of the team since 2016 and is known for his huge tricks and extension. Ryan has also participated in the X Games as well as other contest throughout europe.

Ryan travels all over Australia with the Freestyle Kings team if he is not competing overseas.

Jake Smith

Jake Smith is a young 23 year old from Sydney. Jake is the team's young gun that performs all over Australia, China and America with the team.

Jake has recently returned from doing a show with Freestyle Kings in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles for a celebrity client's party. Jake has competed in New Zealand and played a part in The World of X Games TV series on ESPN. Jake is only 23 but has been a part of the Freestyle Kings team since 2014.

The Freestyle Kings are performing Saturday 19 October in the Blue Car Park at 11am, 12pm & 1pm, with meet & greets in Centre Court after each show. Find out more.

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