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The best ever gifts for kids and teens

If the words ‘ICYMI’ mean nothing to you, then it's fair to assume shopping for today's younger generation probably gives you as much angst as being a teenager. Between a continuously evolving tech scene and a social-media-directed lifestyle, Gen-Z are nothing like the kids before them.

With so many competing products vying for their attention, how is anyone supposed to find a gift for Gen-Z they actually want? Turns out, we can.

So find the perfect gift for them at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza or shop from the comfort of your own home with Westfield Direct and choose to have your items delivered to your door or via click and collect at your local Westfield centre.

For ages 0-3

Don’t let the iPad fool you, books and baths are still a winning bedtime routine. For toddlers, make a splash with a range of fun bath toys that make the nightly routine easier for parents, and keep the little ones happy and entertained.

Then, cap off the night with a book they’ll remember for years to come that might just convince them to get into a well-dressed bed earlier.

We also love lights and tech that create a magical and calming environment to help them drift off. Think galaxy projectors, fun night lights and white noise devices.

Shop now at Big W, Kidstuff, QBD Books and Bed N Bath Table.

Image source: @bedbathtable

Image source: @kidstuffonline

For ages 4-6

There’s no limit to a child’s imagination — keep their minds dreaming up worlds, characters and magic with a box of creative tools.

Whether it’s a simple blank book and an endless range of coloured pencils, to craft kits and building blocks (like Lego); there’s something to keep every creative mind creating.

There is so much a child can do with a little imagination and the perfect gift - try dollhouses, workbenches or even a little tea-set.

Gifting a little one that’s full of beans? Let them loose with a bike or scooter and helmet!

Shop now at Kmart, Target and Myer.

Image source: @adairskids

Image source: @kidstuffonline

Image source: @kmartaus

For ages 7-10

Ok, this is the age where their second and third personalities begin to come out. Try these gifts that keep up with their ever-changing identity crisis. For the adventurer: dive into some outdoor games and water toys.

Image source: Kidstuff

For the creative spirit: there is nothing like mix and match jewellery or DIY kit. They are the perfect gift to help them explore and express themselves through colour and texture, whether they’re into phone charms, dinosaurs or outer space.

Go one step further and purchase a gift with their initials or personalise a keyring, phone case or pencil case with monogramming or engraving.

Image source: @seedheritage

Image source: @adairskids

And finally, for the mastermind: problem-solving games. Our endless selection of interactive and tech-based games are sure to keep boredom out of their downtime.

Shop now at Rebel Sport, Lovisa and Kidstuff.

For ages 11 - 14

There’s no doubt about it: shopping for teenagers is awkward, confusing and straight-up overwhelming. Luckily, these gifts are TikTok-approved.

First up is tech. From classic consoles to arcade games, we’ve got a screen to help everyone plugin, tune out and play hard.

Next up, hair accessories and jewellery. From on-trend pieces to astrology pendants to customisable bracelets and charms, Westfield has a range of treasures that will impress their friends and stand the test of time.

Last but certainly not least: board games. Our selection of old-school classics and modern additions will have you making memories for years to come.

Shop now at Zing Pop Culture, EB Games, Games World, Myer, Big W and Kmart.

Image source: @colettebycolettehayman

Image source: Zing Pop Culture

For ages 15 - 18

The time has come to let go and let them do their thing. Yes, it’s the age of the gift card. A Westfield Gift Card gives them total control to buy what they want when they want. Purchase theirs from the concierge desk at your local Westfield or online here.

From the newest runners to the latest tech gadgets, right down to a classic cinematic experience. The world’s their oyster, or least Westfield is.

Shop now at Myer, Rebel Sport and Hoyts.

Image source: @cottononbody

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