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Japan City - Eat. Shop. Gift.

Japan City is Australia’s largest Japanese concept store that combines both the restaurant and shopping experience all in one! We offer a wide variety of specialty gifts and homewares inspired by the tranquillity and traditional elegance of Japanese culture. Our Japanese restaurant provides dishes ranging from sushi, sashimi, donburi, bento boxes, dessert and many more!

With humble beginnings as a small gift shop in NSW, Japan City has cultivated a unique brand image for the best quality Japanese products and the best quality of Japanese dining experience with upgraded systems and designs. High quality Japanese teas produced in Shizuoka, a very famous area for teas located near Mt. Fuji have become extremely popular since they were introduced a few years ago in Japan City.

Japan City has been expanding in both the retail and dining operations with great success to become the largest retail Japanese concept store of its kind in Australia. Japan City is the final destination for a premium quality Japanese lifestyle from retail experience to dining. There is no other store like Japan City!

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