About Leggings

Women’s leggings

Sometimes you just need to kick back, stretch out, and relax. And on those days, having a pair of leggings on hand is always great. Westfield have lots of leggings on offer, whether you want to wear yours as sports tights, day wear, or even something for the evening.

Leggings come in all lengths and materials, so you’re covered for all seasons. Go for a pair of capri leggings with 3/4 length if you are after something for your hot yoga class or intense workout. Westfields activewear designers, stock a wide range of designs, with styles coming in block colours or bold prints.

If you want leggings that look a little less sporty, go for stretchy pants or jeggings. Details like zippers, pockets and buttons set these tights apart, and make them appropriate for everyday wear. Leggings with a metallic sheen and shiny fabric are for when you want to wear your leggings into the evening. With so much room to stretch, you’ll be sure to bust some killer moves on the dancefloor.

Where to find the perfect leggings

Westfield has a huge range of leggings, catering to the yoga lovers, gym junkies, and anyone who wants a comfy pants option every day. Have a look at our online range, and either buy online or plan your trip to a premium Westfield location. It’s always fun to make a day of your shopping trip, especially with such exclusive entertainment and eating options on offer!