About Belts

Women’s belts

A beautiful belt can do so much for an outfit. It can add a stripe of bold colour, some texture, and create shape. And of course let’s not forget the function of your fashion; everyone loves keeping their clothes where they should be!

Give yourself a gorgeous hourglass figure with the aid of a cinch-waist belt. Belts that tie around the waist can add a little more shape to any dresses, or shirt and skirt combos looking a little straight up and down. Getting waisted never looked so good.

A hipster belt will help keep your low-rise pants and skirts in place. Go for a divine leather belt soft to the touch to add an instant bit of opulence to any outfit. These belts are also a great opportunity to add a dash of colour if you feel like it.

With that same sentiment, women’s belts can be a great opportunity to add some more flair to your outfit. Bow belts, chain detailed belts and corset belts can be the accessory that ties your whole outfit together.

How to find the perfect belt for your outfit

There is a belt to suit every budget and style under the sun in Westfield’s online catalogue. Browse away, or use the filter function to find the exact accessory you had in mind. Once you find what you’re after, you can simply order online from the designer.  Or, you can plan to come on in for a shopping trip, and spend the day enjoying all the luxurious entertainment and eating options Westfield has to offer.