About Cycling


Whether you ride in a serious Saturday morning peloton, or you prefer a leisurely Sunday afternoon cycle around the park, cycling is a popular pastime for people of all ages. For most people looking back into childhood, there’s one thing they always remember: learning to ride a bike. When those training wheels finally came off, when you got that little push from Mum or Dad, when you got past those first few wobbles; you were free. Going from two legs to two wheels was a pretty big deal back then, giving you the speed and freedom you’d never experienced before.

As a grownup, there are plenty of reasons to ride a bike. Maybe you want to ditch the car and commute to work on a bike, skipping traffic and doing your bit for the environment. Perhaps you’re looking for an activity that you can enjoy as a family, taking your bikes to the park or out on local cycle tracks. Or maybe you’re into mountain biking, testing your mettle – and your bike’s suspension – on adrenaline pumping trails. Or you might even be a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man In Lycra), dreaming of the Tour de France as you and your peloton sip lattes after a gruelling morning ride. But whatever the reason for getting into bikes, there is even more reason to stay on one. Whether it’s the health factor or the social factor, whether you do it for the excitement or for the environment, cycling is one pastime that just keeps on giving.

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