About Shorts, Jeans & Pants

Boy's Pants, Jeans and Shorts for Fun and Formal Occasions

Boy's pants come in a range of styles, from skinny pants to straight legs, cargos, khakis, cords, jeans, chinos and sweatpants. At Westfield, you'll find a large choice of boys pants, with something for every occasion. Made for comfort and style, boy's pants can come in greys, browns, blacks and blues, as well as in bright colours, so you'll always find something perfect for the outfit in mind. Boy's jeans are a timeless item, always in fashion, they’re comfortable and durable, allowing boys to have fun outdoors and enjoy doing all the things kids do. When the weather’s warmer, boy's shorts really come into their own, keeping your boy cool and supporting his active lifestyle. Boy's shorts are great for the city as well as the beach and come in longer and shorter styles to suit the need and the occasion. He’ll be happy knowing he looks good and can run around and play in his shorts wherever he goes. You can dress up a pair of jeans or shorts with a smart shirt or t-shirt, jacket and pair of shoes for any occasion.

Finding the Best Boy's Pants, Jeans and Shorts

Buy the best boy's pants, jeans and shorts from Westfield, with quality items to match your budget. Bring your boy down to your local Westfield centre and have him try everything on, so you can be sure that it all fits perfectly. Or, if you don't have the time to shop in person, you can browse online and get everything sent straight to your doorstep.