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Baby Travel Systems for Fuss-Free Journeys

Getting out and about with your baby in the car is a nice change to spending time with them at home. As babies are so tiny, you'll need a really good baby car seat to make sure they’re safe and comfortable when travelling in your vehicle, you can find one that's perfect for you, and your child, with us at Westfield. Car seats are lightweight and easy to install, fitting into your car using the adult seat belts that are already installed in your vehicle. You’ll still have plenty of room for all your travel bags so you can bring along extra baby clothes and baby shoes in case of messes. At Westfield, you can kit your car out with everything you'll need for your new baby with a range of baby travel systems. Invest in a pushchair for easy transportation. You can add in a carrycot and rear-facing car seat so you have everything you need for days out with your little one. Baby car accessories help make the journey more comfortable for you and your baby. You can buy extra head rests, pads to protect your baby from the seatbelt, mirrors to check your baby is safe in the back and much more.

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Discover Westfield’s range of baby car seats and travel systems by browsing online. You’ll be able to look at all the top brands online. If you prefer to do your shopping in person, look up your nearest Westfield and head down for a day of shopping.