About Nanoblock Sets

Nanoblock Sets

Whether you’re a little kid or a big kid – or even a big kid in adult’s clothing – building stuff is just plain fun. When you build, you create: you make something that wasn’t there before. And really, that can’t be anything but cool. Creating shapes out of building blocks is something many of us started as toddlers, when we used great big blocks that we couldn’t possibly swallow. As we grew older, and the desire to put everything we touched into our mouth waned slightly, the bricks got smaller and our creations became more detailed.

Now, the next step on that journey is the Nanoblock. Just as you would imagine from a block with ‘nano’ in the name, these micro-sized blocks are tiny. And again, as you would imagine, the transition to smaller blocks means you can create even more detail in your designs. There is a whole heap of Nanoblock sets out there, allowing you to create everything from a cute rockhopper penguin to a fearsome pirate ship. So, as long as you have a steady hand, and some patience and perseverance, Nanoblock sets could be for you.

Buying Nanoblock Sets

Want to build a spaceship or a pick-up truck? Want to create tiny world-famous sites, such as the Empire State Building or the Musee du Louvre? With Nanoblock sets you can! Check out the great range of Nanoblock sets on offer at Westfield and pick up the perfect gift – for yourself or someone else! Home to a massive range of toys, Westfield is the place to go to find gifts and little surprises for your kids. Check out the full range of blocks and construction toys , board games and puzzles, and other toys and games from the biggest and best-known brands.