Kids' Building Blocks

About Kids' Building Blocks

Kids’ Building Blocks

Whatever other toys you played with as a kid, you probably had a set of building blocks at one time or another. Why? Building blocks provide a great way for kids to learn and develop. Whether they’re toddlers, little kids, or even teenagers, kids develop essential skills as they play, not only developing their bodies, but their minds too. Starting at the beginning? Play is so important for babies and toddlers, helping them learn about colours, sounds and movement. Simple building blocks can play an important role in their play, helping them to develop hand-eye co-ordination as they build structures – and knock them down.

As toddlers grow – and learn not to put absolutely everything in their mouth – building blocks get slightly more complicated. Instead of using standard blocks that can be built up and knocked down, they can play to create. Large construction blocks can be built into walls or towers, or anything else that comes to mind! Then as the child gets bigger, their blocks get smaller, allowing them to create in new and exciting detail. Building anything from houses and cars, to spaceships and boats, kids can learn to follow instructions – or get creative as they build from their own imaginations.

Buying Kids’ Building Blocks at Westfield

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