About Travel Books

Travel Books

From Nepal to Noosa, Montenegro to Melbourne; when it comes to travel, there is an unimaginable amount much to discover, both at home and overseas. The world is filled with bustling cities and deserted beaches, dizzyingly high mountain tops and vast unchartered underwater seascapes. With so much to see and do, it would surely take a lifetime to experience it all.

Travel can broaden the mind, it can soothe the soul. It can provide endless adventures and fascinating stories. Whether you enjoy travelling on a shoestring, or living it up in luxury, travel is one of life’s greatest journeys, helping to broaden the mind, learn about new cultures and witness amazing sights. But one thing to remember: a little bit of research goes a long way! Which is where travel books come in. Big names such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guide make travel research easy. A great travel guide can tell you where to stay, where to eat and what to see and do, offering recommendations that have been well researched by previous travellers. Travel books can also tell you more about each particular destination’s culture, its language and its customs, helping you stay safe and hopefully avoiding cultural misunderstandings with the locals!

Shopping for Travel Books

Whatever your next adventure, start your research early with the right travel guide and travel books. Whether you’re looking for Lonely Planet books, Rough Guide books or any other brand of travel guide, your first stop has to be Westfield. Head on over to your nearest Westfield to find a wide range of travel books – as well as all your other travel essentials. Get your currency changed, stock up on sunscreen, invest in a popular fiction page-turner and find the perfect sun hat and swimwear, all under one roof.