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Audio Books

Breathing life into storylines, injecting animation and character into dusty pages, audio books can offer a great alternative to reading a novel. Also referred to as audiobooks and talking books, audio books cover a wide range of genres, with something for almost all types of booklover. Love sci-fi and fantasy? Hooked on crime, mystery and suspense? Adore new releases and popular fiction? Then you may just find your next perfect page-turner in the audio books section.

Commuting can be tiring, stressful and boring. If you have to commute to work, an audio book could make all the difference to your journey. Instead of listening to endless radio commercials and overplayed pop hits, you could get lost in a book. Forget traffic jams and road rage! Simply listen as storylines unfold, and lose yourself in the plot. Heading off on holiday? Audio books can also be ideal for long distance travel, helping time fly by on coach, train or plane trips. Or for kids who love stories, audio books are just awesome. Encourage budding bookworms with kids’ audio books, with everything from fairy tales, to classic stories, to the newest kids’ fiction.

Finding the Best Audio Books

With so many of the best-known book sellers under one roof, Westfield is the place to go for all booklovers. Anyone searching for books and audio books can check out what’s on offer both at top brands and speciality sellers. Love the smell of new books? For anyone who loves to browse the aisles in person, Westfield is the best place to while away a quiet afternoon. After checking out the book shelves, discover the array of dining and entertainment options on offer, while ticking off all other essentials from the shopping list. Too easy!